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How to Reduce Deformation in Heat Treatment

Writer:XINFENGLI      Pubdate:2019-01-14

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Deformation occurs from time to time during heat treatment. In order to reduce this phenomenon, the following measures should be taken.

1. On the premise of ensuring the hardness of the die, the nitriding heat treatment plant tries to adopt pre-cooling, step cooling and quenching or temperature quenching processes.

2. Use vacuum heating quenching and cryogenic treatment after quenching as far as possible. For precise and complex dies, it should be carried out under permissible conditions.

3. Pre-heat treatment, ageing heat treatment and quenched and tempered nitriding heat treatment can be used to control the precision of some precise and complicated dies.

4. When repairing defects such as sand holes, air holes and wear of dies in nitriding heat treatment plant, repair equipment with little heat effect such as cold welding machine should be selected to avoid repairing process.The generation of deformation.

5. The design of die structure should be reasonable, the thickness should not be too different, and the shape should be symmetrical. Dingxin heat treatment indicates that for the die with large deformation, the deformation law should be mastered and the pre-treatment should be carried out.
For large, precise and complex dies, the combined structure can be used to retain machining allowance.

6. Precision and complex dies should be softened and nitrided in advance to eliminate the residual stress in the process of machining. Cryogenic box, liquid nitrogen cryogenic box, ultra-cryogenic box,Cryogenic equipment, cryogenic furnace, cryogenic treatment equipment, cryogenic assembly box, cryogenic assembly equipment, high and low temperature environment box

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